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Fee Schedule

Simple • Transparent

  • Assets up to $250,000 1.00% annually
  • Assets $250,000–500,000 0.75% annually
  • Assets in excess of $500,000 0.50% annually
A 2021 survey done by AdvisoryHQ found the average investment advisory fee for accounts of $1 million in value to be 1.02% annually. The average rate for a $5-million account was 0.84% annually.

Our clients are charged a blended tiered rate based on assets under management. This blended rate means a client with $1 million under management with Koenig Investment Advisory is charged 0.69% annually—below the 1.02% average. Portfolios valued at $5 million are charged a blended rate of 0.54%—again, below the industry average. Our small-town setting and efficient office translate into lower costs for us, which we are then able to pass along to our clients.
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