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Our Process

Step by Step

We believe a detailed planning process is the best way to help you achieve your financial goals. Once we get to know you, we develop and implement a plan while continuing to adjust for changes in your personal and professional life.

Our step-by-step process comprises:
  • 1) Introductory Meeting

    This is the first step in establishing a long-term partnership. We want to understand who you are and help identify your goals, objectives, preferences, and any potential risks. You will also gain an understanding of our services and what you can expect going forward.

  • 2) Discovery Phase

    This phase begins with a detailed look at your personal and financial situation. We’ll gather account statements; pension; social security information; estate and tax documents; insurance policies; and other relevant documents. The more open and thorough this process is, the more detailed any projections and recommendations will be.

  • 3) Detailed Planning

    We will develop and deliver an appropriate plan to help achieve your goals based on our conversations and discovery process. The plan will address areas most important to you—whether that is retirement savings, investment options, estate planning, charitable giving, or any other personal priorities.

  • 4) Implementation

    Implementing your plan is the next step in achieving your goals. We will assist with all stages of setting up accounts, allocating investments, and utilizing all appropriate resources. This step may include collaborating with family members and professional advisors such as your CPA and attorney.

  • 5) Ongoing Monitoring & Advice

    Everyone has a unique situation that is constantly evolving. We conduct ongoing reviews to understand any changes and make recommendations to keep you on track.

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